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To all of our regular users,

We have great news for you – many of you have commented how helpful the site is for Blackwall Tunnel. We chose that site as a test site because it is typically a headache for travellers. In the survey and by other means, you said that you would really like to have these videos on all main roads. Well you got your wish. TfL has responded to the survey results and has made video updates available!

You will now be able to choose any section of Town and select various camera views to help you make decisions about your travels. In order to get to the Blackwall Tunnel, simply select the tab or click on that section of the map and the site will take you there with even more views for you.

NOTE: The site has changed slightly. It is now called The old site name will still bring you to the correct place.

Tell your friends and family about the site and connect to our Facebook page. We will be surveying our users soon about the site and additional features you would like to see added.

All the best and drive safely.

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